Mama Glamour
30th May, 2016 Writers

Like fogs in the early morning,

With her motives absconding.

She lures all in her crystal solitude,

Posting like it's all good.

Men are victimized by their lust.

Attention seems to be the cost,

For they are ravished by mere sight.

Appealing to senses of absolute right.

She might claim she has a message.

But she broadcasts, first, the cleavage.

Enough to gouge the eyes of a pervert.

Cleopatra was no expert.

She told me she was hallow.

But men think too shallow.

And got us all lost in a maze.

But the first sin, she won't embrace.

Oyo, Nigeria
  • This is just about my thoughts on the Art of seduction by the women in this century

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