In the dark
11th June, 2016 Writers

Have You derailed?

do You try to ignore, and the more You do the farther You drift?

You have a problem, Your mind is gaining weight,

Have Your actions created a rift?

Has Providence  left You and made Your paths strait?

Can You ever rerail?

Will You ever find answers?

Will this ship ever sail?

Will You ever be as happy as these dancers?


How did You get here?

Will You turn into Your own fear?

Are You becoming lonely?

Even home is not homely,

Are You broken?

Going through pain unspoken?

Are You dying deep down?

Has life taken away Your crown?

Please stop whining, get Up!

If You ask Me, I'd say Just pray!  My_Name_is_Ayomikun

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Pray when You're in the dark, it works like magic.

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