Faith and Hope
14th June, 2016 Writers

Everything would work,

So I don't really stress,

Not even when I am stuck,

Cos the farther I go, the distance to the price is less,

Life is a cruel wife,

But I gotta treat Her right,

Even when She cuts deeper than the knife

I still want Her in sight,

Today isn't like yesterday,

So I won't let it waste away,

I will stay strong cos I know one day these troubles would fade away,

Even in this darkness, trust Me I see a ray,

I believe that soon I would get there

Cos when I realise how it was before I got here,

I just see there's no reason to fear,

The price I'm reaching for is one that's rare!

I am_Ayomikun!

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Life will celebrate with Me.

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