The Positive Call
17th June, 2016 Writers
Be on a straight line, or better still form a queue in any form was what she said, majority obeyed her instructions because that seems to be our last day on campus as we waited to collect our NYSC posting letter. We had already waited for several hours, the anticipation was overwhelming, couldn’t wait any longer and it was already past 3pm after many long hours of waiting. Within a blink of an eye they started calling us in one after the other, the smile on Falusi Sesan “Keu Keu” as we fondly call him was contagious and the joy of it was that he was posted to Lagos State just as Tope was posted to Ogun State.

I was highly expectant as I was hoping for the same Ogun State but luck failed on me when I was called upon and with the sight of “Jalingo” the capital of Taraba State, I knew the village people were at it again…lol, I was so devastated that the lady I was having crush on passed beside me without even giving a second look to think about how beautiful she was, then I realized that when your heart is troubled nothing else matters, hmm….the news was the saddest thing anyone could inform me as at that time and my point exactly, it is over a year already and anytime I think about that traumatic time I burst into laughter which simply justifies the fact that “Though time never last but tough people do” it could be attributed to the fact that whatever we pass through or face at the moment has its own expiring date and the worst thing that could happen is death….Yes I mean “Death” but the big Question is ….could this also be related to the trending challenges we are facing in Nigeria where over 40million youths are unemployed, Niger Delta Avengers, Boko Haram and amongst others, and am not surprised because in the words of Karl Marx…”Every society that is not perfect as in itself seed of its destruction” you needed not ask me what are Nigeria’s seed of destruction…because even if you want to try, the breeze and the smoke of tribalism can choke you and might not allow you to ask any further question, and when you pretend to be hard and force yourself to step further there are thousands of other vices that are ready to make you breath no

My point precisely, like what I believed to be my obstacle and couldn’t last beyond a year, how long will Nigeria’s challenges drown us……10years?...20years?.....or 500years?, I don’t know, but one thing am sure of is that President Muhammadu Buhari can’t solve what he has on ground in the next four years not even the Obamas and Lee Kuan Yews of this world can solve it. So let’s get this straight, dropping this piece as a motivational speaker and not a political scientist this time around is to imbibe Nigerians towards creating positive mindset, like a friend once told me “if you migrate Nigerians to United States of America they will still complain, and this same complain has been there from the time of amalgamation”….Gosh!, we Nigerians can complain. This may kind of sound wrong to some people, but the worst thing to do now is to have a negative mentality with the worst scenario on ground, Nigeria is already a Failed State we know, but you can’t afford to be a failed person, you need to believe in yourself no matter how bad it is, if some are making it as bad as it is, then you too can. You need to disassociate yourself from negative people, think right, take time to seek for things that can make you a better person, discover yourself and say positive things to yourself. If you wouldn’t be great you wouldn’t have been created. Be positive, God bless you and stay active!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This goes to all Nigerian Citizens...Enjoy!

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