Letter to the wife beater i married
18th June, 2016 Writers


Dear W. B, 

  When i said "i do" it was for better or worse

To love and to hold not punch and claim boss

  Few years down the wedding line you couldn't wait to show your skills

Not in helping with household chores but ignoring the bills

  You once claimed to love me and forever wanted me close

Well, right now the closer i get... The harder the blows

  When the cussing started i thought it was because you got sacked

But after nailing another job you never dropped the attacks

  I tried my best to communicate... To talk about what went wrong

Slowly Whitney Houston's "all by myself" turned my best song

  We promised to always be a team, never to fall apart

However, the only one falling is me and my bleeding heart

  We'ld talk for long on changing the world.. We had everything in check

Now the only thing that changes is the bandage when you broke my neck

  I ran to family and friends... They called for meetings upon meetings

Nevertheless i stopped.... It only increased the constant bashings

  I've been teaching little Tammy how to rule her kingdom without an active king

To keep herself together not fall apart like broken strings

  For our son: henry,i pray he doesn't become what he sees from you one day

But judging from what I've imbibed in him... I trust he won't go astray

  I'm done fighting but slowly packing my kids, bags and self esteem

Noticed the last time you hit me... I didn't even scream? 

  You'd beat me black and blue... They turned my favourite colours

I'm leaving you now for good... Finally gathered my pride and honor. 


Edo, Nigeria
  • A poem about a housewife who finally left her marriage after much domestic abuses from her husband.

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