3113 is a brand for every woman, every woman that sees a need, rolls up her sleeve and is ready to take charge no matter how little or big the project is. She is an Eager woman, she stands up and takes her place in every area of life, it doesn’t matter who is dominating that area, she thinks of a lot of things she cannot do but it doesn’t hold her back, she is cheerful and content. She drives innovative initiatives, she is not just ‘busy’, she is productive. Gosh! She’s an Artist, she doesn’t have to own spinning wheels or sewing machine, she willingly creates and recreates master pieces. She loves to look good even when werking it. That woman is YOU. 3113 is for you.

Ogun, Nigeria
  • Beyond Clothing. Celeberating Phenomenal and inspiring women in our society. Women who are not afraid to be leaders and still be stylish, lady bosses. influencing what leadership/workwear should look like. Concious of truth about style and success.

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