24th June, 2016 Interior Designers
INTERIOR......I played around with colors here, In the Antee/Sitting Room we have shades of Cream and Brown: Cookie Dough and Almost Oyster,Dinning:Sunlight Yellow family of yellow Visitor: Magnolia family of Peach, Stairways: Putting Green and Willow Tree shades of green, Family Sitting Room: Urban Obsession and Morrocan Flame family of Grey and Orange, Master Bedroom: Mineral Mist and Blue Babe family of blues, Madam Room: Sweet Pink and Gentle Lavender family of pink and purple, Girl Room: Sunset Pink and Sugard Lilac family of pink and lilac, Boy Room: Lost Lake and Blue Reflection family of Light and Dark blue....EXTERIOR On the main wall I used PALLADIAN family of Neutrals, on the Parapet i used Brilliant White Emulsion, on the Pillars and Window Hooks i used BUTTERMILK which is the family of light Cream.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • It has about 6 rooms, Antee Room, Sitting Room, Visitor's Room, Dinning, Stairways, Family Sitting Room up, Master Bedroom, Madam's Room, Girl's Room and Boy's Room

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