pre braided extensions
2nd June, 2015 Hair Stylists
Fastest way to get a full head of braids with no hassle, no need to spend hours braiding your hair, order our pre braided extension and crotchet it to your hair (check out YouTube tutorial videos for crotchet)
Choose your style (braids or twist), size (small, medium or jumbo); length (long, medium, short) and colour, send to These braids are reusable, they come with after care instructions. They are cheaper, they are neater and last longer. It saves a lot of time. Braiders imagine how many braid clients you can get out of the door in a day. 
United Kingdom
  • Reuseable braids.Cut out hours spent in the salon getting your hair braided, crotchet our pre braided hair extension onto your hair in 60min . We also sell bulk orders.we are looking for marketers in Nigeria, if interested pls contact on WhatsApp+44757435

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