Before I Go
4th July, 2016 Writers

I'm giving everything I can give

As I do not own this life that I live

My fortune may come early or even late,

That's left entirely to Fate,

But I live happy, I pray I get to be a daddy,

I wear that fine watch every chance I get,

I make sure to reach every goal I set,

Though life may not agree, eventually I take what I get

To just live well & do right is My best bet,

For a good life after death,

Whether I do good or do Bad God is forever great,

But I choose the former,

And I choose to be happy regardless of My state,

I just hope and pray that My life will not be a bummer,

But just before I go in peace to rest,

I have resolved to only always give My best.


Abuja, Nigeria
  • Deep thoughts

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