Visions of songs painting of Simi
6th July, 2016 Writers

I witnessed every second 

The unending matrimonial ceremony of the breath of oxygen and the sound of music 

The love they share casts a spell on all my senses

Makes me lost and blind in lust for freedom

The beat gets to my ear drums

And steals the air left inside of me

My knees falling to the ground I sniff to pull the air back in

In its return it comes back adulterated with sounds of songs

I get high when it gets to my lungs

Which opens my eyes to the visibility of words and sounds

Their offspring who seems to be a goddess of colours and beauty only seeing behind 

While she walks away and fading into thin air 

I lust and I follow

To cuddle the beauty on her face

I'll call on her attention before she vanishes 

But don't know her name

I had a lot to say and questions to ask not until she stopped moving

I can stop too but control of my feet has been rubbed by my lust

Am paralyze by her caresses only few steps from her reach

Like dying of thirst in the sea I searched for breath in the winds

Without touching she finds and grips me 

My lust obeys and seizes my feet immediately 

Still she doesn't turn around as I expected 

Why are you here? She asked

Hmmm! "Jamb question" 

Cos my eye will only "open and close" in amusement

Feet still body freezing face smiling words hiding and answers missing 

She wonders not about my silence  

She counted that as another victory 

Making another victim of over two hundred thousand of this heart "tiff" who's love made us her army And "e no go funny" if I no fit escape

But then she asks further 

You seek my face,  don't you?

Now the house is suddenly home alone 

And I in it far from it can't find my way back

I tried to leave

Her overwhelming majesty traps and keeps me

I seek a shelter to camp 

She offers her heart

And entertainment? 

I hear her heart beating

I question my little personality

She says "love don't care"

But my silence can't answer 

She hears my heart speaking 

"I do" it said

She knew the consequences of my response 

And the rest of my will surrenders 

With just a gaze for a second at her face "changing my world" for good

Just then she slowly turns towards me to reveal her face

Mum suddenly walks in 

Finds me smiling with my eyes closed 

Pulls the headphones of my ears

EFFA! Your food is ready................ to be continued 

E.  S. Effa


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Abuja, Nigeria
  • Digital painting of Simi

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