What people are saying about 54artistry
  • “I think that 54artistry is a great platform for you to be able to find and work with people and it has definitely worked for Jay Osbie.”

    Juwon Isola-Osobu, Founder and CEO of Jay Osbie.com

  • “Thanks 54artistry! Will definitely continue to post onto your website as I think it is an ingenious and important idea. African creatives need to learn how to network better, gain exposure and also develop a digital community of practice. Glad to be part of the family!.”

    Nana Spio-Garbrah, Interior Stylist, Blue Print Africa

  • “I must admit, you do a great job in collecting creativity, 54artistry.com is not just a website, for some of us, it is our home, a getaway from all the troubles of this life, an inspiration, a light of hope to the little ones who would venture into the arts and to us upcoming ones that see the works of those that have gone before us and get inspired.”

    Philip Somiari, Photographer

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    Matthew Eguavoen, Amazing Portrait Artist

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    Ronke Ogunmakin, CEO/Co-Founder Ceeander Entertainment

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    Emeka Eze, Writer &Caterer

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    Fortune Omosola, Writer

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    Damian Janta, Jewelry Designer